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About Us
Education is a priority of every nation and the most deserving of this necessity is our youth. There are various NGOs in Pakistan doing their utmost to provide basic education to underprivileged children at primary and middle school levels. However, a very meager proportion of these children end up completing high school and finding employment. Since financially strapped parents of such children are under immense pressure to provide food and shelter, education takes a lower priority. Hence the youth of our low-income families remain deprived of higher education.
It is the middle and lower middle class families that have the greatest need to provide higher education to their children so their children and find decent jobs and improve their standard of living. Although government institutions are not expensive, there are not enough of them and as a result a very small percentage of students manage to get admission there. Sending children to private schools is a financial burden that these families can not bear. The irony of this whole situation is that in order to make a decent living one needs higher education which unfortunately is unattainable due to financial issues.   

A country’s youth is its most important asset. We expect ours to pull our country out of its financial crisis. This portion of our population has immense talent and drive but need some help in achieving their dreams. That is why we are here, to get together and give them a helping hand.  This initiative was started back in 2002 by Sheeba Ahmad, who after finishing school came across students who were having problems completing their education due to financial constraints. As most of her friends had finished school and were working, she believed that it was now their job to help materialize the dreams of other less fortunate students.  It was not difficult to find deserving students. She contacted her relatives and friends to donate and help the cause. The cause took off from there. We neither have a office nor are we backed by any international funding. We help people who want to help but cannot find the right indivisual due to time constraints.
Presently we have the following individuals working together for the cause


Mr. Syed Irfan Ahmad


Miss. Sheeba Ahmad

General Secretary

Mr. Hammad Hassan

Finance Secretary

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